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Our industrial work is delivered to the highest levels of surface preparation, safety, environmental protection and quality by professional and experienced painters

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Concrete and steel bridges, sound barriers and other infrastructure elements are subject to extremes of weather, temperature cycling and UV exposure, and also to chemical attack from atmospheric acids and coastal salts.

Both structural steel and steel reinforcement within concrete therefore must be protected against long-term corrosion by the use of Protective Coatings.

Support above the bridge, steel structure close-up.

Tanks & Pipelines

Concrete and steel tanks and pipelines carry a wide range of liquids, from potable water that require taint-free coatings, to corrosive acids, alkalis, solvents and petrochemical fuels that require chemical resistant coatings.

The externals of these structures also require UV protection. Our Protective Coatings applications will guarantee the quality and  resistance.

Manufacturing chemical plants

Both light and heavy industry are well-served with a broad range of coating systems offering resistance to abrasion, chemicals and high temperatures from our Protective Coatings applications

Steel  reservoir at industrial park
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Industrial Factories

Cubic Painting is your best choice for improving the look and preserving the value of your industrial properties, while allowing you to focus on business. We complete work on spec, on time and on budget.

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Residential Painting

Cubic Painting proudly has experience working in various Residential environments across sydney.

Commercial Painting

Our Commercial coatings is delivered to the highest levels of surface preparation, safety & environmental protection.

Roof Painting

We use high opacity, high performance 100% acrylic paint for all types of exterior roofs including galvanised iron.

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