Best Exterior and Interior Painting Tips

Interior & Exterior Painting

There are several differences in interior and exterior painting services such as different painting products, designs, and more! Furthermore, you need to count on a team of specialists that will make you feel comfortable with your project.

The Following is only a general idea on prep and steps that we take

Internal Painting Steps:

1. Setup

● Rooms and areas to be painted are scheduled with the customer.

● Large furniture is moved into the centre of the room.

● Furniture is covered with plastic.

● Floors are covered with drop cloths.

2. Prep

● Walls are scuff-sanded.

● Holes and cracks in walls are filled.

● Gaps in trim are caulked.

● Stains, such as water marks, are sealed.

● Washing is done where required.

3. Painting

● Repaired areas are primed.

● Paint is applied by brush and roller.

● Ceiling and walls are painted to proper coverage and finish color.

● Clean cut lines between trim & walls.

● Only premium quality paints are used.

4. Clean-up

  ● Furniture is moved back to original Positions.

  ● Floors and carpets are thoroughly vacuumed and swept.

  ● All trash is removed.

  ● Touch-up paint is left with the customer.

External Painting Steps:

1. Pressure Washing

  ● Depending on the type of surface areas to be pressure washed each one can vary.

  ● With our expertise we will discuss the requirements of your project on site.

  ● Loose paint chips are cleaned up.

  ● House is given time to dry.

 ● Driveways & decks cleaned upon request.

2. Scraping, priming & minor maintenance

  ● All loose paint is removed, all bare areas are primed.

  ● Glossy areas are scuff-sanded.

  ● Feather-sanding and stripping done on request.

  ● Areas around doors and windows are caulked.                               

  ● Wood, masonry and cement repairs available upon request or when specified.

3. Painting

   ● Full finish coat is applied to proper coverage & finish.

   ● All non-painted surfaces are covered to protect against splatter & drips.

   ● Paint is applied with a brush, roller, or sprayer depending on the surface.

    ● Amounts of coats required will be specified upon inspection.

    ● Only premium quality paints are used.

  4. Clean-up

     ● Performed daily and upon completion of the job.

     ● All trash is removed.

      ● Touch-up paint is left with the customer.